Succeeding at a Creative Challenge

When I visited neighbors Nancy and Vince Baclawski recently to share my May 25 feature in the Florida Weekly, co-bloggers Rocky (top) and Beamer insisted on reading the newspaper before Nancy and Vince could get their hands on it. Editor Cindy Pierce had interviewed me in conjunction with a story I had entered in lastContinue reading “Succeeding at a Creative Challenge”

All That Remains Is to Read

Mickey, who lives with Nancy and Rick Blanchett, is enjoying his copy of All That Remains, a collection of my short stories, now available on Amazon for $1.99. But he got his copy free by visiting That’s right. Free. All That Remains is a book about ordinary—and some extraordinary—folks overcoming adversity. From the brokenheartedContinue reading “All That Remains Is to Read”

Rising Weekly to a Writing Challenge

When the Florida Weekly comes out on Wednesdays, this household looks forward to reading it. In addition to a cover story on a local trend that ranges from demographics and wildlife to ecosystems and the economy, the newspaper lists arts, music, and food events in South Florida. Nina likes the crossword puzzle; Bob, the restaurantContinue reading “Rising Weekly to a Writing Challenge”

She’s Resting on My Laurels

When I received notice on August 1 that my middle-grade novel Ghost Girl is a semifinalist in the 2021 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition, I immediately added the honor to my resume and the badge to my digital accounts. Sponsored by the Florida Writers Association, the annual awards recognize “extraordinary writing” in about 30 genres.Continue reading “She’s Resting on My Laurels”

The Pink Slippers

“The Pink Slippers,” by Patti M. Walsh, will be published in “Footprints,” the Florida Writers Association’s collection book, in October 2021. “Cathie?” Surprised that my neighbor had hailed me by name on such a cold evening, I pivoted toward his raspy voice, then hesitated. Mindful of the thin layer of ice beneath my feet, IContinue reading “The Pink Slippers”

The Assignment and the Fetish

Nina was beyond confusion. She had just read my story “The Fetish,” and demanded to know what on earth do a voodoo priestess and a missing man have in common with Uncle Tom’s Cabin? I could have told her that many American slaves were influenced by the Caribbean practices known as voodoo that date backContinue reading “The Assignment and the Fetish”

Right, Write Sentence

Hot damn. I can write a good sentence. At least according to the editors at WRITERS DIGEST. Nina enjoyed reading this one, which placed fourth in the journal’s May/June 2020 Your Story contest: Ensconced in a pretentious lair and camouflaged among imposters, Roseate Spoonbill surrendered without incident, but not without deceit. According to Jenny Davidson,Continue reading “Right, Write Sentence”


My friend Ron enjoys many aspects of our friendship. From time to time, we have our own book club.  Unlike many others, we don’t simply meet to discuss a book  we’d finished reading independently. As this picture reflects, we actually sit and read it together, discussing it as we go along. The book we wereContinue reading “Ailurophiles”