Purr-fectly Understandable

John Caskey, an avid reader of this blog, shared with us the article, “Your Cats Can Tell When You’re Speaking to Them,” which appeared in the January 2023 issue of Scientific American. The author, Tanya Lewis, reported on a study published in Animal Cognition that found cats, like dogs, can discriminate speech addressed to themContinue reading “Purr-fectly Understandable”

What Other Cool Cats Are Perusing

When I shared with you last month that Nina had died, I was touched with many expressions of sympathy. Thank you. One subscriber, Sherry, shared the news with her cat, Louie. She said he “let out a long meow and we communicated about how your cat family was now together in the one-cat soul. Further,Continue reading “What Other Cool Cats Are Perusing”

Rising Weekly to a Writing Challenge

When the Florida Weekly comes out on Wednesdays, this household looks forward to reading it. In addition to a cover story on a local trend that ranges from demographics and wildlife to ecosystems and the economy, the newspaper lists arts, music, and food events in South Florida. Nina likes the crossword puzzle; Bob, the restaurantContinue reading “Rising Weekly to a Writing Challenge”

The Pink Slippers

“The Pink Slippers,” by Patti M. Walsh, will be published in “Footprints,” the Florida Writers Association’s collection book, in October 2021. “Cathie?” Surprised that my neighbor had hailed me by name on such a cold evening, I pivoted toward his raspy voice, then hesitated. Mindful of the thin layer of ice beneath my feet, IContinue reading “The Pink Slippers”

Reading Rummikub—Like a Cat

When Bob and I visited our friends Vince and Nancy for an evening of Rummikub, we got sidetracked from the rules that Nancy was patiently laying out. She told us that there are 106 tiles in the game—104 numbered ones in four different colors, and two jokers. The goal is to meld tiles into groupsContinue reading “Reading Rummikub—Like a Cat”