All That Remains Is to Read

Mickey, who lives with Nancy and Rick Blanchett, is enjoying his copy of All That Remains, a collection of my short stories, now available on Amazon for $1.99.

But he got his copy free by visiting That’s right. Free.

All That Remains is a book about ordinary—and some extraordinary—folks overcoming adversity. From the brokenhearted to the buoyant, they emerge from mysterious Southern swamps, vast Western mountaintops, and unexpected crevices in between. For example, there’s Penny, who is stuck in the swamp with the remains of her loved ones; Donna, who is trapped by a spider; and Stannum, who steadfastly loves Francesca.

Like Mickey, you can get a copy of All That Remains by visiting and subscribing to my newsletter, Come to Think of It.

Beginning June 1, 2022, Come to Think of It will invite you each month to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for some musing, schmoozing, and amusing. To gather with friends. To come to think about things.

It will also include interesting facts about writing and publishing, coming events, and a link to What the Cats Are Reading. Yes, this blog will continue. For even though Ron and Nina are no longer with us, their spirit lives on through this blog. It serves to encourage adoption and promote Feline-Americans as family members whose antics, tranquility, and reading habits enrich our lives. So, keep sending pictures of your cats enjoying their favorite books.

And speaking of favorite books, get your complimentary copy of All That Remains by visiting and subscribing to Come to Think of It.

Published by Patti M. Walsh

A storyteller since her first fib, Patti M. Walsh is an award-winning author who writes short stories, novels, and memoirs. Her first novel, GHOST GIRL, is a middle-grade coming-of-age ghost story based on Celtic mythology. In addition to extensive experience teaching and counseling, Patti is a Hermes award-winning business and technical writer. Visit

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