What Yuki is Reading

The first picture is me, Yuki. JJ was the surrogate human in the days when my own humans used to travel. It was always better when my own humans took Princess Charlotte, the dog, with them. In the second photo is Chairman Meow, who feuds with Princess Charlotte.

I’d rather read than fight, so I’ve been enjoying, While Standing on One Foot: Puzzle Stories and Wisdom Tales From the Jewish Tradition, by Nina Jaffe and Steve Zeitlin. This is a series of short folk tales, each with a “What would you do?” option and a peaceful solution to often life-threatening problems.

One of my favorites is: “The Court Jester’s Last Wish.” It’s the story about the resident stand-up comedian, who angered his boss, the King, and was sentenced to death. The King gave the Jester 24 hours to choose the manner in which he would die. What do you think the Jester said? Hint: My old granny cat used to say, “If you live, you get old.”

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